The FrenchNational soccer team has been one of the few teams

  Can France do it for a Second Time in the World Cup?

  The FrenchNational soccer team has been one of the few teams in the FIFA WorldCup campaigns that has had an extremely talented team with very fewresults to show for. Their only World Cup success Cargo Elevators/Lifts Suppliers came in 1998 when theWorld Cup was being hosted by the French and they went onto beat theformer World Cup champions Brazil 3-0 in the final match. Apart fromthis sole tournament victory 12 years ago the French World Cup hopeshave run dry every time. In fact, this is only the first time in FIFAWorld Cup history that the French national team has qualified for theFIFA World Cup tournament four times in a row.

  Even though theFrench national team hasn't won as many World Cup tournaments as someof the other teams, they've always posed a threat and looked like ateam which may lift the Cup. The closest they came to victory was inthe last FIFA World Cup tournament in 2008 where they lost to Italy inthe finals during the penalty shootouts.

  Their road to thisyear's World Cup wasn't as glamorous as Brazil's but they did the jobwhich was needed to be done, which was to qualify for the World Cup.Many would say that the team may not win this year's cup based on theirpre-World Cup campaign but even before the last World Cup in Germanythe French had flirted with disaster before being qualified and thenthey went on to reach the finals and almost lift the Cup for the secondtime.

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This rhytidectomy is sometimes called a cheek lift for the simple

  A facelift can be a way to eliminate some of the signs that your skin is aging. After all no one wants their face to tell a story about their age! Facelifts have been around for many years. However thanks to many of the advancements and the modern techniques there are more options than ever for those wanting to have a lift for their face. Some lifts are less extensive than others and some require a shorter recuperation period than others.

  Why have this plastic surgery procedure done? The number one reason is to improve your appearance and to push the clock back years. For some people a lift can make them look as much as 10 years younger. A rhytidectomy (which is the proper plastic surgery term for a lift for the facial area) can get rid of skin that has become baggy and loose. It can also get rid of facial fat that may be bothersome to you when you look in the mirror.

  Not all lift techniques are the same. Some firm and tighten the lower portion of the face while others firm the majority of the facial area as well as the neck. Still others are performed in order to take away the fatty deposits from the upper face and eye area that have worked their way down the face. Once you understand the purpose of each technique you will be able to figure out which one is most suitable for you.

  The total facelift is the one that is most popular and brings forth the most dramatic results. If you feel that your whole face is looking old and needs a makeover then the Superficial Musculoaponeurotic Technique (SMAS) is for you. This lift is considered the standard for rhytidectomies. The work of the SMAS serves to tighten the connective tissue of the face (also known as the superficial musculoaponeurotic structure). The SMAS does very well at eliminating the nasolabial folds that can develop around the nose and the mouth.

  The subperiosteal lift is believed to be the one that provides the most lasting results. This technique is done with the use of an endoscope and it involves the tightening of facial tissue at the deepest level. There is very difference between this technique and the SMAS method.

  Yet another type of facelift is known as the deep-plane technique. This technique is considered to be the most invasive method. The purpose of this technique is to recontour the facial skin and the skin in the neck area. Skin, fat and facial tissue is lifted when the plastic surgeon uses the deep-plane technique. The healing period will take longer with this technique than it will with the other techniques. Many patients are very pleased with the results that they receive from this plastic surgery procedure.

  Another option is the mid lift. This rhytidectomy is sometimes called a cheek lift for the simple fact that the area of the face it focuses in on is the area directly beneath the eyes and the whole cheek zone. Sagging and loose tissue is taken care of with this facelift. Fat deposits in the cheeks can also be improved upon with this procedure.

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