The FrenchNational soccer team has been one of the few teams

  Can France do it for a Second Time in the World Cup?

  The FrenchNational soccer team has been one of the few teams in the FIFA WorldCup campaigns that has had an extremely talented team with very fewresults to show for. Their only World Cup success Cargo Elevators/Lifts Suppliers came in 1998 when theWorld Cup was being hosted by the French and they went onto beat theformer World Cup champions Brazil 3-0 in the final match. Apart fromthis sole tournament victory 12 years ago the French World Cup hopeshave run dry every time. In fact, this is only the first time in FIFAWorld Cup history that the French national team has qualified for theFIFA World Cup tournament four times in a row.

  Even though theFrench national team hasn't won as many World Cup tournaments as someof the other teams, they've always posed a threat and looked like ateam which may lift the Cup. The closest they came to victory was inthe last FIFA World Cup tournament in 2008 where they lost to Italy inthe finals during the penalty shootouts.

  Their road to thisyear's World Cup wasn't as glamorous as Brazil's but they did the jobwhich was needed to be done, which was to qualify for the World Cup.Many would say that the team may not win this year's cup based on theirpre-World Cup campaign but even before the last World Cup in Germanythe French had flirted with disaster before being qualified and thenthey went on to reach the finals and almost lift the Cup for the secondtime.

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